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How Bail Bonds Work...

If you know someone who has been arrested recently, then you most likely know how bail bonds work. If you are currently in the process of getting someone bailed out then you have to remember that the law is based on one important principal – a person is innocent until proven guilty. This means that even when you are arrested, you have certain rights that you are afforded. One of these rights is to be released on bail dependent on certain circumstances.

Normally a judge will hear the charges brought against you before deciding whether you qualify for bail and what the amount will be set at. If you fail to qualify, you will need to be held in jail until you can plead your case at a trial.

The judge will take into account the following aspects of the charges when deciding bail:

– The severity of the charges brought against you. The more severe the crime, the higher the bail amount will be.

– If you have been charged with the same or other crimes. Multiple charges may mean that the judge will deny bail, especially if they feel that letting you out of jail will result in another crime being committed.

– Determining whether you are a flight risk. If you have the means (financial or otherwise) to flee the state or the country and seem likely to run from the charges, you will not be granted bail.

The amount of bail that you will need to pay to be released from jail until you court date is not the amount that you will need to pay. The bond amount is normally 10%-20% of the bond amount. So if your bond is set at $10 000, you will need to pay $1,000-$2,000 plus jail fees.

A bail bondsman will usually charge you 10%-20% of the total bond amount as their fee. They may require some type of security, whether it be assets or some other type of collateral. The bail bondsman can sue you for the fee or attach your assets to ensure the fee is paid.

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Service Areas...

As of now, we have researched bail bonds companies in most of the Dallas / Ft. Worth, Texas area. Our scope includes, but is not limited to:

Dallas County including the City of Dallas, Garland, Irving, Grand Prairie, and Mesquite, and Carrollton, Texas.
Tarrant County including the cities of Fort Worth, Arlington, North Richland Hills, Mansfield, and Euless, Texas.
Denton County including the cities of Denton, Lewisville, Flower Mound, Highland Village, Lake Dallas, and The Colony, Texas.
Collin County including the cities of Plano, McKinney, Richardson, Allen, and Frisco, Texas.
Rockwall County

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